So much climate action work is already going on in the San Francisco By Area. Our goal is to find opportunities for additional GHG emission reductions using the Project Drawdown framework, and coordinate with existing local and regional networks.

leverage the Project Drawdown framework

Project Drawdown’s framework is the key to identifying opportunities for reducing emissions that go beyond the typical climate action plan categories of energy, water, waste, and transportation. The Project Drawdown list of 80 solutions to reverse global warming is global, so not all of the solutions are equally relevant for the San Francisco Bay Area. Although an official list of Drawdown solutions won’t be localized for California or the San Francisco Bay Area for at least a year or two, our approach enables the region to move forward without it. See more information about Project Drawdown.   

take a regional approach to public engagement 

By working regionally to publish messages, we will benefit from economies of scale and make our messages more memorable. The regional messaging platform will point community members back to local programs and resources. The more that community members encounter messaging about resources and information to help them reduce their carbon footprint, the more individual responsibility will become normalized.

work through existing networks

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. This project’s strategies can be nested and delivered within existing networks and collaborations, to minimize start-up time and costs, and avoid overtaxing partners.

track progress in collaboration with public agencies and nonprofits

We will partner with an academic institution to establish an annual community survey. Feedback from community conversations, results from surveys, and metrics from the online portal will be shared back with stakeholders to inform future programming and policies.

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