The Bay Area’s greenhouse gas emissions can be dramatically reduced with concerted citizen action, proactive business engagement, and strategic government collaboration. These are the steps of our Bay Area-wide Climate Action Campaign.

Step 1
develop and maintain online public access portal

Create a public-facing website that connects people to solutions in their community and throughout the region. The portal will link visitors back to local programs and resources.

Engage visitors with social functionality — teams, competition, gamification, messaging between team members, etc.

Step 2

implement regional mass marketing/branding campaign

Drive people to the Drawdown Bay Area hub website with a unified regional brand.

Improve awareness of solutions and actionable strategies that can be taken individually, collectively, and politically.

Step 3

support community and workplace solutions trainings

Support the expansion of sustainability trainings to community groups and workplaces using a “train the trainer” model.

Expand engagement on a “person-to-person” level.

Step 4

track progress and feedback for continuous improvement

Spur continuous improvement, rapid dissemination of best practices, increased community adoption.

Provide semi-annual report-outs to funders and community.

DRAWDOWN Bay Area's co-founder, Leslie Alden, understood the big question: "What can we do?", and recognized that collaboration was the only way to bring together all of the programs, efforts, and actions that so many were working on. So much is being done, but often in isolation, in "silos".

Working with colleagues in Marin County, DRAWDOWN: Marin was envisioned as a community-wide campaign to dramatically reduce the county's greenhouse gas emissions by engaging everyone. It was conceived and launched in 2017, around the same time that Project Drawdown published its first book. DRAWDOWN Marin brought together over 150 volunteers who worked together for two years to determine what solutions could be implemented.

There are six focus areas: 

  • Climate Resilient Communities

  • The Built Environment

  • Net-Zero Transportation

  • Carbon Sequestration

  • Energy

  • Food and Food Waste

DRAWDOWN Bay Area's fiscal sponsor is The Praxis Group,

a 501(c)(3) non-profit, EIN #94-3169015all donations are tax-deductible 

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