About DRAWDOWN Bay Area

WHY WE'RE HERE, and why we're glad you're here with us.


To go fast, go alone.  To go far, go together.  Okay, now do both.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission is

-  to support and accelerate the dramatic reduction of the Bay Area’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 with concerted community action, proactive business engagement, and strategic government policies that focus on​ the elimination of fossil fuels in transportation, energy, and the built environment, leveraging existing best practices, policies, and solutions.


-  to support and accelerate carbon sequestration in the landscape, in wetlands and the ocean, and the built environment to reduce the levels of legacy atmospheric carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to sustainable levels.

Our Vision is

-  a regionally coordinated and collaborative network that makes most current climate actions in solutions, policies, technology, and funding broadly available; that honors the work being done by many and reduces the duplication of efforts; that accelerates the wide adoption of best practices at speed and scale.

-  a regional effort to reverse global warming that contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, by focusing on the causes of climate change that we have control over and implementing existing solutions, and leaving a better world for future generations.

Our Values Are

-  Collaboration that respects diversity, builds relationships, and creates trusted partnerships

-  Frontline communities and workers are prioritized in the transition to a fossil-free region

-  Solutions are cost-effective, technologically feasible, and scalable

-  Solutions are politically feasible: aligned with science, economics, and technology

-  Solutions and best practices are informed by the latest science, data, and policies,    
 address the needs and priorities of San Francisco Bay Area residents,    
       businesses, and policy-makers


We don't believe that we live and work in isolation.​

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DRAWDOWN Bay Area is a 501(c)(3) under the fiscal sponsorship of
The Praxis Group

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PO Box 7042
Corte Madera, CA 94976

About our logo

If ever time was of the essence, it is now. 

If ever a region could meet the challenge, it is the Bay Area.

Together, the Bay Area can make a world of difference.

We see the intersections where people, ideas, and lives overlap, where community, business, and government can and must work together.


Our logo represents that. We're committed to working across sectors, making the connections that help everyone take the climate actions that work for them, because we all have a part to play. 

ddba symbol.png

Back to that familiar proverb:

     To go fast, go alone.

     To go far, go together.

 We need to go far and fast.


Collaboration is the key

to to doing both.


The Leadership Team

Leslie Alden
Co-Founder and Chief Instigator 
Executive Director

Denise Donaldson

Co-Pilot and Director of Marketing


Anjali Ponnekanti

Research Associate

Susan Wright 


and Senior Advisor

Like everyone else, we've been working remotely for the last two years (and still are).

(Pictured: Denise Donaldson, Leslie Alden, and Mike Robinson)

And we are grateful to our dedicated volunteers

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Our Partnerships Matter

These are just some of the organizations and people working with DRAWDOWN Bay Area:

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SunShares Logo 2021.png
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FFCA current logo brown border Jan 2021.jpg
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Climate Access logo_hi res.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 11.05.10 AM.png

thank you to all of our 


Herb Behrstock, United Nations Association

Patty Cook, Senior VP, ICF International

Carleen Cullen, CEO, Drive Clean Bay Area

Cyane Dandridge, CEO, Strategic Energy Innovations

Gil Friend, CEO, Natural Logic

Maura Fallon-McKnight, ED, Business Council on Climate Change 

Dr. Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, Project Drawdown

Kate Gordon, Snr. Advisor to Energy Secretary J. Granholm, Dept. of Energy

Ann Hancock, Founder & Chief Strategist, The Climate Center

David Johnson, AIA, NCARB, Principal, SERA Design

Cynthia Koehler, JD, Executive Director, WaterNow

Kirsten Liske, VP, Community Programs, Ecology Action 

Shawn Marshall, COO, Peninsula Clean Energy

Nils Moe, Executive Director, Urban Sustainability Directors Network

Laura Neish, Executive Director, 350BayArea

Debbie Raphael, Director (ret.), SF Department of the Environment

Suzanne Reed, The Collaboration Connection

Bruce Riordan, Director, Climate Readiness Institute, UC Berkeley

Bill Weihl, Founder & Executive Director, Climate Voice

Susan Wright, Sustainability Program Manager, San Mateo County

Lauren Wylie, Sustainability Director, Oliver Wyman

Abby Young, Principle Environmental Planner, BAAQMD


The William H. Donner Foundation, the EMA Foundation, the Marin Community Foundation, 

Bank of the West, and Praxis in Action for their support.

We want to acknowledge the contributions of volunteers along the way, without whom we would never have gotten this far:

Kiki La Porta of Descom Studios for our logo & identity design, Mike Robinson for website development, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg of Moving Art for the video "What's Possible", Gil Friend, Kirsten Liske, Mark Westwind, Charlie Chesney, Lynda Deschambault, Alejandro Moreno, Chris Yalonis, Joel McKinnon, and the Marin Community Foundation for Catchafire's support.

ddba symbol.png

If ever time was of the essence, it is now. 

If ever a region could meet the challenge, it is the Bay Area.

Together, the Bay Area can make a world of difference.