WHY WE'RE HERE, and why we're glad you're here with us.

The Regional 2030 Climate Challenge is a Bay Area-wide campaign to help all of us take meaningful climate actions: at home, at work, at our businesses, and in our communities. The Regional 2030 Climate Challenge is the  initiative of DRAWDOWN Bay Area that brings together the remarkable efforts that are happening all around the Bay, connecting people, communities, strategies, tools, and ways to afford making the solutions a reality, and not just "nice ideas". Together, we have extraordinary opportunities and potential. Welcome!


There's a familiar proverb:

To go fast, go alone.

To go far, go together.


We need to go far and fast.


Collaboration is the key to to doing both.

We don't believe that we live and work in isolation - we see the intersections where people, ideas, and lives overlap, and we're committed to making the connections that help everyone take the climate actions that work for them, wherever they are. 

We are all part of the fabric of our own community, and our communities are all part of the fabric of the Bay Area.

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DRAWDOWN Bay Area was formed in 2019 to bring together our communities, businesses, and local and regional government to implement climate solutions that will dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, solutions that are based on sound science, are community-based, are technically and financially feasible, have measurable outcomes, and will help ensure a better future for all.

How we got started and why

The idea for DRAWDOWN Bay Area was first explored by several people who were all working on different approaches to implementing climate solutions - science and technical data, community organizing, non-profit efforts, and government policies. What was clear was that there wasn't coordination among all the different efforts and programs, and the general public had no idea what was possible.  In October 2018, just after the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, we hosted a Drawdown "salon" to discuss a regional approach to implementing climate solutions. 

Over fifty climate leaders from around the Bay attended, from public agencies, nonprofits, and business associations, to discuss what was needed to form a regional collaboration that could connect and leverage the work that was being done, share best practices, and start implementing solutions quickly. We vetted ideas with key advisors and continued to iterate based on feedback.

We're grateful to our circle of extraordinary advisors and supporters. The COVID pandemic changed our plans to launch in 2020, but gave us the opportunity to gather more data, assess economic and equity priorities, and engage a fiscal sponsor. As we launch the 2030 Regional Climate Challenge, we are seeking additional funding to further our research and outreach throughout the Bay Area.

We'd love to hear from you!

Please join our mailing list and send any questions, comments, and ideas to info@DrawdownBayArea.org

We want to acknowledge the contributions of volunteers along the way, without whom we would never have gotten this far:

Kirsten Liske, Mark Westwind, Charlie Chesney, Lynda Deschambault, Denise Donaldson, Mike Richardson, Eric Cohen,  filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg of Moving Art for "What's Possible"and John Logan, Jr, at the Marin Community Foundation.

thank you to all of our


Gil Friend, CEO, Natural Logic

Kirsten Liske, Vice President, Community Programs, Ecology Action 

Dr. Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, Project Drawdown

Patty Cook, Senior VP, ICF International

Ann Hancock, Founder & Chief Strategist, The Climate Center

Shawn Marshall, Founder, Local Energy Aggregation Network

Carleen Cullen, CEO, Drive Clean Bay Area

Cynthia Koehler, JD, Executive Director, WaterNow

Abby Young, Principle Environmental Planner, BAAQMD

Laura Neish, Executive Director, 350BayArea

Mark Westwind, Executive Director, The Praxis Group

Maura Fallon-McKnight, ED, Business Council on Climate Change 

Bill Weihl, Founder & Executive Director, Climate Voice

Debbie Raphael, Director, SF Department of the Environment

Lauren Wylie, Sustainability Director, Oliver Wyman

Crystal Chissell, VP, Operations & Engagement, Project Drawdown

Doug Karpa, Snr. Regulatory Policy Analyst, Peninsula Clean Energy

Kate Gordon, Director, Governor’s Office of Planning & Research

Bruce Riordan, Director, Climate Readiness Institute, UC Berkeley

Cyane Dandridge, CEO, Strategic Energy Innovations

Nils Moe, Executive Director, Urban Sustainability Directors Network

Suzanne Reed, The Collaboration Connection

David Johnson, AIA, NCARB, Principal, SERA Design

David Kunhardt, All-Around Good Guy