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Climate Change. What can I do?

We're so glad you asked!

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You have more control than you think and small changes can be impactful, especially when you work with others. 

Make Small Changes...

Simple Things That You Can Do - Right Now

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  1. ​Conserve. It’s easier to conserve rather than retract carbon emissions. In all things, use only what you need (When it's cold out, put on a sweater before you turn on the heat. When it's hot out, set your thermostat to 72 F degrees)

  2. Consume less. Waste less. Enjoy life more.

  3. Talk: Have climate discussions with friends, neighbors, and children.

  4. Eat less meat and lower on the food chain (aka more vegetables)

  5. Get politically active/VOTE
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Benefits of Using Less Energy:

•Conserving energy means spending less money on heating/cooling
•Wasting less means saving money. (i.e., eating less meat costs less, driving less means using less gas, etc.)

Did you know that eating less meat frees up land for more crops, AND growing crops uses less water than raising livestock, too? That’s a triple win for the environment!
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