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Climate Change. What can I do?

We're so glad you asked!


33% of carbon (CO2) emissions in the San Francisco Bay Area are from transportation!  You can reduce carbon emissions by doing any of the following.  The more you do, the more you reduce emissions!

Make Small Changes...

Simple Things That You Can Do - Right Now

  1. ​Don’t idle your car when not driving
  2. Carpool when you can
  3. Walk/use  alternative transit - public transportation/bicycle/walk (60% of car trips are 3 miles or less - next time, take a bike, walk or scooter when you run an errand in your neighborhood)
  4. Take the EV Pledge - pledge that when you replace your vehicle you'll replace it with an EV    

Want more tips?

Benefits of Changing Your Transportation Habits:

•Not driving gets you moving; walking or cycling allows you to increase your daily exercise.
•Taking public transportation reduces air pollution.
•Public transportation improves commuters' productivity.
•Save money by not filling up at the gas pump.

If you are moving, rather than driving you are increasing your daily exercise, saving money on fuel costs, and the local environment benefits! Making it a win-win-win proposition!
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