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The three biggest contributors to climate change right here in the Bay Area are from our buildings, the energy we use in our transportation, and our food & food waste. 

The good news is that the solutions already exist. 

Here are just a few to get started (and we'll be adding many more in the near future):

Zero Emissions Transportation

How we get around and how we move our "stuff" contributes 41% of our regional greenhouse gases.

"Zero Emission Transportation" isn't just electric vehicles! It includes all of the ways we get around, including our feet, bicycles, and public transportation. We're all making changes, as we walk and bike more, and rethink how we get around. If we can reduce emissions from how we travel, we'll make a big dent in that 41%!

Many employers offer incentives if you drive less. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) requires employers with 50 or more employees to offer commuter benefits. 

Visit BAAQMD for details.

Diesel and gas-powered vehicles will no longer be sold in California starting in 2035, but we can make that change now by pledging to make our next vehicle lease or purchase an EV.



For example...

This, not that.

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the EV shopper's 

"Guide to the Galaxy"

(courtesy of Bank of the West)

So, what's your role?

If you drive less or switch to an all-electric vehicle, that's great. If you can take public transit and carpool, even better!  If you are within biking or walking distance from work or home, not only are you sparing the air but getting in shape at the same time.  You decide what works best for you but by all means, let's reduce our need for fossil fuels.

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Ride & Drive Clean is the trusted resource for everything you need to know about driving electric vehicles, including e-bikes and motorcycles. New, used, and leased, two wheels or four, they've done the hard work so you don't have to.

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​Cars are convenient but any vehicle that uses gasoline adds a lot of pollution to the air we breathe, not to mention traffic congestion. Most of our trips, especially these days, are relatively local. Consider alternatives to the car: 


Walking and bicycling are the obvious alternatives, and are healthier, too, but those options don't work for everyone. The Bay Area has multiple ways to get around. Besides BART, CalTrain, and the SMART train, there are ferries and 19 bus systems in the Bay Area.


Learn more about your transit options at



make your next vehicle electric


Electric Vehicles (EVs) are more available and cheaper than ever, and there are EVs to fit any budget and any style, from 2-seaters to mini-vans and trucks, used, new, and leased.

​Federal, State, and dealer incentives and rebates make EVs even less expensive than the sticker on the window, and “previously owned" EVs cost far less than new ones. They're much cheaper to maintain than a gas engine vehicle and you'll never have to stop and pump gas again. California will ban the sale of gas cars by 2035, so now is a great time to take the pledge. Learn more about the makes and models, cost and rebates here:


 Ride & Drive Clean Bay Area

 EV Savings Calculator

While you're planning your next move, here are things you can do right now: