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ACT NOW, where it matters most

The three biggest contributors to climate change right here in the Bay Area are from our buildings & the energy we use in our transportation, and our food & food waste


The good news is that the solutions already exist.

Here are just a few to get started (and we'll be adding many more in the near future):


Food & Food Waste

Wasted food is the #3 contributor to global greenhouse gases, mostly in the form of methane. Really.

Food connects us and sustains up in many ways: friends & family, our neighborhoods & restaurants, grocers, farmers markets, and our local economy all depend on each other and your support. What we eat is a personal & cultural choice - but we should all eat more vegetables.

We hear a lot about "carbon" when we talk about the climate, but worse than carbon is methane gas, which is fossil gas - the same gas we cook with. It also comes from rotting plant material, like food that gets thrown out. Composting is now required for homes and businesses, so make sure that you're using that green can. You'll be throwing out a lot less...and saving money, too, if you only buy as much food as you will eat.

Farmers Market

For example...

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This, not that.

So what's your role?

On average, our food travels 1,500 miles before reaching our dinner table. Support regional farmers & local markets, and buy seasonal foods that aren't shipped long distances.


Whatever grocer or farmer you support, the idea is to reduce waste. Shop for food with intention and eat with pride and sustainability. As the old saying goes: "Waste not, want not."

Buying local increases the financial security of our farmers by creating a consistent market for their products.

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Here are things you can do right now: 





Food waste is the #3 contributor to global greenhouse gases. Really.


Buying only the food you really need for a meal, a day, or a week will save you money and reduce waste, and there won't be any more science projects in the back of your refrigerator! 


And try Imperfect Foods: fresh, often organic, and often cheaper than grocery store prices. You decide what you want and place your order, and the food is delivered right to your door.


Their motto? "If food can be saved, we'll save it." Perfect!





If cattle were their own nation, they'd be the world’s 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and it's not just "cow burps", but also the way they are raised, grazed, and sent to market. 

Changing your diet is both a personal and a cultural decision, so if you don't want to give up meat entirely, consider eating more vegetables anyway, and just a little less meat.

Plant-rich diets also tend to be healthier, leading to lower rates of chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart conditions. Try a "Meatless Monday". 

The cows will thank you.

Everyone can buy local, including those receiving CalFresh benefits: CalFresh Market Match

Still have food you won't use? SF Marin Food BankCropmobster and Extra Food 

They will all make sure that your food isn't wasted.