The Bay Area’s greenhouse gas emissions can be dramatically reduced with concerted citizen action, proactive business engagement, and strategic government collaboration. These are the steps of our Bay Area-wide Climate Action Campaign.

Step 1
develop and maintain online public access portal

Create a public-facing website that connects people to solutions in their community and throughout the region. The portal will link visitors back to local programs and resources.

Engage visitors with social functionality — teams, competition, gamification, messaging between team members, etc.

Step 2

implement regional mass marketing/branding campaign

Drive people to the Drawdown Bay Area hub website with a unified regional brand.

Improve awareness of solutions and actionable strategies that can be taken individually, collectively, and politically.

Step 3

support community and workplace solutions trainings

Support the expansion of sustainability trainings to community groups and workplaces using a “train the trainer” model.

Expand engagement on a “person-to-person” level.

Step 4

track progress and feedback for continuous improvement

Spur continuous improvement, rapid dissemination of best practices, increased community adoption.

Provide semi-annual report-outs to funders and community.

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